Be Firm, Stand Firm and Look Firm without Cellulite

Non-Surgical Treatments for Cellulites You Will Love

Cellulites may be giving you a hard time choosing clothes that you can wear in special events. You may decide on ending with the outfits that conceal these skin problems. However, there are less invasive treatments compared to liposuction that promise you a better appearance to your skin.

Enjoy Massage

Machines that massage body parts affected with cellulites are used as non-surgical treatments for this skin condition. With the use of rolling cylinders, these machines give a massage effect on your skin. Endermologie is one of these technological advancement that aim to eliminate cellulites.

However, massage therapy may take up to 30 to 45 minutes and usually cost too much. Endermologie uses an electrical device that suctions, squeezes and pulls affected areas. This treatment needs ten to twelve sessions. It may be expensive yet it is effective in redistributing the fats on your body. This is a temporary treatment that may require you to have further treatment sessions which usually cost thousands of your precious dollars.


This is one of the controversial remedies for cellulites which involves the use of certain drugs injected directly to the affected body part. Mesotherapy experts may assure you that it is safe because vitamins and herbs are used in the process. If you have fears of needles, this therapy is definitely not for you. Ten or more injections may be done during this treatment.

Though this therapy is still used today, some experts doubt its safety. The substances injected to your body are not well tested for safety and efficiency. Mesotherapy are still offered in various beauty and cosmetic centers. However, this mode of treatment may leave you with an empty pocket.

Collagenase Injections

This is a natural enzyme found in the body that causes collagen to break down. Collagen is a protein component to your connective tissues. Studies done on women like you who have problems with cellulites show that indeed this enzyme improves the appearance of your skin. However, long term benefits from this cellulite treatment are not proven. Researches on the effectiveness and safety of collagenase injections are ongoing.

Modify Your Lifestyle with a Cellulite Diet

Diets that aim to eliminate cellulites on your lower limbs, arms and belly are gaining popularity in the treatment of the said skin condition. Foods that aim to reduce inflammation and enhance circulation on cellulite affected areas. Just like other treatments, this diet is not also proven to eliminate this skin problem. However, experts believe that a healthy lifestyle composed of healthy foods may prevent fluid retention on the body which contributes to the bad appearance to your skin. Also, a healthy diet may give you healthy skin.

Having cellulites may leave you with a body image disturbance. You may worry a lot on how you look and what people will say about your orange-peel like skin. However, there are more natural ways on treating this skin condition. Prevention is always better than cure. Prevent developing cellulites by living a healthier lifestyle!

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